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Donate your organizations birthday, like Company X, so you can have more colleagues love your culture and more customers you'll better connect with in your local community through simple, charitable acts of kindness

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Donate your organizations birthday to raise money and awareness to a cause that aligns with your mission

Empower your colleagues to share your organizations cause on its birthday through posting & tagging

Inspire your colleagues to donate their birthdays to your cause or something that inspires them

Hey I'm Trevor!

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Entrepreneur at heart since February 2009, Birthday Advocate since January 2018

I want to inspire and work with Your Company. I realize hundreds, possibly thousands, of other very talented people do as well. To show you the kind of value I’ll bring to Your Company, I’ve decided to analyze a new global movement to give you my two cents on where Your Company should focus (a sliver of its attention to) next to better connect with your current colleagues and your future customers.

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Your Company Is (Almost) Taking Over The World

You're working with thousands of customers each month

You are blooming an entire ecosystem of products and services through consistent innovation and

company wide Hackathons

You have multiple offices around the nation and expanding to more cities every month as you continue to grow

You have connected with your local communities through special events around the 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas

You have supported local non-profits by giving gifts to children at Christmas

You claim Your Company culture is second to none and that your colleagues love where they work

What's Missing?

Compared To Other Notable Organizations Across Our Nation, Your Company's Involvement In Your Local Communities And Charitable Giving Remains Low. Employee's at these companies say: 

“At the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we have 3:1 matching gifts for employee charitable donations including a new program to honor employee anniversary milestones at 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. years by giving $5,000+ for employees to donate. ”

"I feel like I can trust executives to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ when they make commitments. For example, Marc Benioff himself personally supports a variety of causes, as well as advocating for them publicly. Salesforce’s dedication to Volunteer Time Off and other philanthropic initiatives is unlike anything I’ve experienced or even heard about at other companies. It is an important part of our culture from top to bottom.”

“Patagonia places value on the environment and humanity above company profits—using the least harmful factories, using the least harmful methods to obtain raw materials for products, supporting eco-friendly people & organizations, supporting 

and planning fun and creative events for the community and being a platform for positive social change through communications, rallying on the website and in interviews with the press." 

Why This Matters


Millennial Melting Pot

50% of Millennials would be more willing to make a purchase from a company if their purchase supports a cause.

Trust and Transparency

Customers, employees, shareholders and the public love, accept and expect social giving from organizations. According to Fortune at a more national scale, companies that give and support causes greater then just profits are more trusted with people and the public. Domino's and their 'Paving for Pizza' campaign agree 100%.

Birthday Movement Inception

Charity Water has been raising awareness for clean water projects through individuals donating their birthday since 2006.

Facebook Adoption

Since May of 2017, Facebook has followed Charity Water’s lead and has now made it possible for anyone in the United States to ‘donate their birthday’ to any of the 750,000+ nonprofits in the United States they may be passionate about.

Smart Companies Leverage Social Media

Opcity and HomeCity Real Estate Austin joined the 'ALS Hot Pepper Challenge' to engage with and entertain customers, to enhance their culture and contribute to a charitable cause they care about. These actions make organizations more 'human' and relatable to the public and provide a fun working environment. 

Do Things That Make Your People Happy

Did you know that the average American spends over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime? Check out some other interesting stats about the workplace here. By doing things that make your people happy, there will be less people who quit to find a better workplace, a better culture and a better job. 

Do You Inspire Your People And Make Them Feel Special?

"We are drawn to leaders and organizations that are good at communicating what they believe. Their ability to make us feel like we belong, to make us feel special, safe and not alone is part of what gives them the ability to inspire us." - Simon Sinek

Where To Start

Most businesses consistently talk about connecting with their customers and making sure their employees love where they work, so sharing your employee 'Birthday Missions' is the ideal starting point for Your Company to give back in your local community and make your employees feel loved and valued too

Agree On A Charity that Supports Your Company’s Mission

Agree On Dollar Amount That Your Company Matches Per Employee For Each Birthday Donated

Share Your Company's Mission And Your Company's 'Why' with the Your Birthday Mission

Donate Your Company's Birthday To The Charity You Agreed On 

Communicate Through Slack Or Email Internally

Post And Share Through Facebook And Other Social Media Platforms Externally

Your Employees Birthdays Are The Key to Better Connecting With Your Colleagues, Customers & Communities

It’s now extremely common for people to ‘donate their birthday’ to a cause they believe in. Soon, it will be normal for companies to do the same. Companies will soon have the option, and eventually the responsibility, to be the first to donate to their employees ‘Birthday Missions’ and social causes that their employees care about each year.The first companies that truly embrace this movement will benefit for years to come when other companies and organizations follow suit.


Can Your Company Start Donating Its Birthday(s) Today?

Market Challenges

Your Company’s birthday may not be until next year. If that's the case, you can still act today by announcing future plans or even starting with colleagues' birthdays who are employed at Your Company.

You may not know Your Company’s founding, incorporation or start date. You might want to find out this date as soon as possible - if not for the Your Birthday Mission, simply for legal and tax reasons. 

Your Company may be a startup and Your Company may not currently be profitable. As a newer company you may need to be very careful how you spend your money. 

People Love Companies that have fantastic customer service, focus on a purpose greater then just profits, that are mission driven and that have social expectations for doing good, giving back and positively changing their local communities. 

Market Opportunities

Your Company has the opportunity to be one of the first recognizable organizations to donate its birthday to a cause that aligns with your mission that also empowers its colleagues to donate their birthdays to that same mission if they’re inspired on their birthdays the same year. 

Your Company has consistently said that you’ll get more involved with your local community and that you’ll donate to charities that support your mission. 

Your Company is already involved in your local community. Your Company believes that there will be a day in the future when it’ll be the new normal to share 'Your Birthday Mission.'

People Complain About Companies not being transparent, ethical, honest, true to their mission or core values, for not starting and ending with a purpose, for not being charitable or giving back and for not giving their colleagues enough of a voice for what matters to them at work and in their lives.

There is real value in embracing this birthday movement Charity Water started and Facebook just implemented for individuals. Organizations also have a birthday; it’s just called a start date, founding date, or incorporation date. Companies will soon follow suit. Being one of the first organizations to embrace this movement will pay dividends for Your Company in the future. 


Consistent Inspirational Opportunities

What if our employers inspired their employees like I inspired Marlowe? 

I believe that companies will have the responsibility to try and make their employees feel this way. I believe in the future, companies will have the responsibility to be the first to donate to their employees ‘Birthday Missions’ that their employees care about if they want to donate their birthday to a cause they believe in. The companies that do this will win in the long run. 

Even though Marlowe is extremely passionate about clean water, that's not going to be everyone's 'Birthday Mission'. See what others are saying about the idea of the YBM here

Finally, you wouldn't be reading Trevor4YourCompany if it was't for a lot of people, but especially Marlowe. We met at a startup company called Zenreach and even though we weren't working together during our birthdays in January of 2018, she mentioned that Zenreach's philanthropy committee was thinking about joining the cause. That's when this all clicked for me.

If you'd like to learn more about Marlowe's story, you can read it here

Key Birthday Events In The Future As Companies Join This Movement 

Your Universities

Your Sports Teams

Your Cities

Your States

Your Countries

Our World

Make sure you're showing your employees that you care about them by supporting them with their 'Birthday Missions' and their stories about the good they want to bring to the world

Why Did I Do This?

I fell in love with providing value to people and organizations years ago. First as someone inspired by influencers like Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins then as a startup founder and employee throughout different chapters in my professional career. I found myself completely enamored by providing value to others. My favorite influencers who I've really looked up to include Gary Vaynerchuk and Scott Harrison. See how much they've all inspired me by clicking on their names :)


On May 31st 2018, I quit my job at one of the fastest growing startups in the nation with the hopes of partnering with Your Company to change the world. I realize that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of other people that are looking to work with Your Company, but I’m determined to find a way to contribute to our future.


To understand more of my story and to see who inspired me, you can read more here.

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Why I Love Your Company

I believe in Your Company’s mission of giving people time back in their lives. Your Company’s aspiration is that your services will be for everyone someday. Here’s a way to serve more people faster and to also share your story with future customers who also believe in Your Company’s ‘why’.

I love how effective storytelling and sharing Your Company's ‘why’ builds bridges to future customers and people that believe in your greater purpose.

Internally, Your Company fosters a culture of open-mindedness, creativity and innovation through your leaders leading by example and expressing to everyone that they should share ideas to make Your Company better. You wouldn’t have gotten this far in this report if you truly didn’t believe that, so that fact that you’re reading this right now is pretty incredible. 

Working with Your Company provides the opportunity to share your story about what makes Your Company unique, what Your Company cares about, and why Your Company and the people that make up Your Company do what you do.

Why I Believe Everyone Belongs

I believe everyone needs to feel like they belong. As humans, we all belong to different groups, communities, or ‘Tribes’ as Seth Godin puts it, and it’s part of what makes life worthwhile. We belong to a company, we belong to a country and a city, we belong to a state, we belong to a local community, a lot of us belong to an alma mater, a lot of us belong to multiple sports teams, others belong to fan groups of certain bands, while others belong to political parties.


The more opportunities that people have to belong, the greater chance people have to live a fulfilled and happy life with meaning and purpose.

Where I'll Belong

I’m committed to inspiring you to want to support your team of hard working colleagues and employees 'Birthday Missions' in the future. The world needs more doers, the world needs more leaders, and the world needs more people who care. Now you can do, lead and care by supporting your employees 'Birthday Missions' with the world.

Inspired yet? 

What’s Your Birthday Mission?

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