Marlowe's Story

"Donating my birthday to Charity Water not only changed my birthday, but changed my outlook on life everyday since. When I saw Trevor's birthday video I decided to join the movement without any hesitation - our birthdays are only a day a part - but also had no clue what I was doing for myself and others that would soon follow.

We are so conditioned to make our birthdays about us. It's inherently a selfish day, so making my video at 7am that morning switched my daily focus! As I got ready to record the video and while I was talking, I realized the method of donation was the first time that charity felt TANGIBLE to me. It wasn't just money. It was a glass full of water, that I physically picked up and nourished my body with. Making the video on my birthday than became about others and felt real. Then someone watched it. Then someone shared it. My 'Birthday Mission' was now on a social platform for the world to see, donate towards and join as well. 

When my birthday shifted my focus to gratitude, I started to realize how much my 'Birthday Mission' was integrated in my life every single day. Every time I drank water, washed my hands, or took a shower, I immediately acknowledged how grateful I am for what I have and thought about what I could do to give others what I have.


Are we so removed from others lives? How many other people acknowledge how lucky they are to have water? Is something so necessary so out of reach for that many people? These questions got me thinking - and got others thinking too. 

Over the last year, I've encouraged others to donate their birthdays to causes they are passionate about. I also realized how one day can impact my year, but also the lives of others. 

Thanks Trevor for introducing me to Charity Water and the Your Birthday Mission. Both have given me the ability to truly make a difference for others"

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Marlowe messaged me later in the day on her birthday that her company's philanthropy committee, Zencares, was possibly interested in getting involved. I thought to myself, 'Within 24 hours of sharing my video online, there are companies that are interested in joining the cause - that's incredible!'


That's when it clicked for me! What if our employers empowered, or inspired, their employees to share part of their story towards a cause or charity that they're passionate about on their birthdays? What if companies joined this movement?

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